Wireless Presentation System for Classrooms & Conference Rooms

Qomo’s Wireless Presentation System, the QWPS1000, is a great choice when it comes to a wireless solution for your office, conference room, or classroom. The QWPS connects computer screens, iPads, iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices, to a large projection screen or monitor, allowing up to 20 people to share their screens during a single meeting, and up to 4 computer screens to display at once.

“Having up to 4 screens displayed at once means we can view 4 pieces of information at once that relate to each other; a graph, a website, a PowerPoint and images.” says Brandon Hong, Product Developer at Qomo HiteVision. “This helps communicate ideas more easily and efficiently.”

With a simple download, iPad and iPhone users can project a live feed of their mobile device screen to the audience, allowing presenters to display educational games and apps. And with the help of QWPS apps on a tablet or smart phone, presenters can display multi-media from their mobile devices, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF files and images. Presenters can also mirror and control the displayed screen from their mobile device. The QWPS1000 makes it easy to switch from a PowerPoint on a computer screen, to showing images on a smart phone, to a video recorded on an iPad.

“Easy screen switching. Minimal lag. Incredibly easy setup – I don’t think I ever looked at the directions!” – Trent K. Moehlman, Digital Education Coordinator, South Dakota.

The QWPS1000 Wireless Presentation System works on PC, Mac and mobile devices, making the QWPS1000 an ideal system for group settings where participants have different devices. And with the QWPS’s simple set up, it’s easy for newcomers to join a presentation. Have your office QWPS ready just minutes before a presentation. Connect the QWPS1000 to your display and a power outlet and then quickly download and install the QWPS1000 software to PC or Mac.

Learn more about the QWPS in this video-

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Qomo HiteVision LLC, an American company, is a global manufacturer of presentation technology for education and corporate markets, headquartered in Wixom, Michigan. Qomo’s comprehensive product line includes large projection screen, tablets and LCD writing panels, portable and desktop document cameras, student response systems and integrated classroom software solutions. Learn more about Qomo HiteVision at www.qomo.com.

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